Enjoy the magic of the environment

We provide scheduled tours (*) to tourist attractions in the city, surrounding areas and nearby towns, conducted by our specialized, bilingual guides. Some of the attractions of interest include:

  • The Mantiales de Matzinga (the Matzinga Natural Springs) and trout farm.
  • La Cascada del Elefante (the Elephant Waterfall).
  • Las Grutas de Galicia (the Galicia Caves).
  • The town of Fortín de las Flores and its bonsai garden.
  • Local nurseries.
  • You may also go hiking, hang-gliding (once a year), zip-lining, rappelling and wall climbing in Santa Catarina, visit the U.N.A.M. observatory at Sierra Negra, or climb the Pico de Orizaba.
  • Talleres Barcelona: manufacturers of beautiful religious statues, whose craftsmanship and originality make it the pride of Orizaba. It specializes in restoring old and valuable works.
  • The Orizaba cable car: a great view of the city’s parks and the surrounding mountains from the first cable car in the south east of Mexico.
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(*) At an additional cost and with prior reservation. 50% deposit required. Valid for a minimum of eight people.


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